Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We do it right because we do it twice..........

That is definitely my motto and probably should be the motto for most marine maintenance outfits.

I've been playing with the main companionway hatch for some time.  TIH came with the standard teak turtle hatch which is;
a. heavy,
b. requires maintenance,
c. is in pretty poor state.

I plan to swap it out for a Acrylic hatch (1/2" bronze translucent).  I have had real problems locating a suitable aluminum extrusion and have finally decided that they aren't available.  See this nice example from my friends Hunter 30;

Instead I'm following Rob's (Re-building a Westsail 42) example and using 80/20 extrusion.

Plan A;
T slot aluminum extrusion (#1003) and UHMW Bifold Hanger Profile was a bust due to excessive friction and I've moved on to;

Plan B
T slot aluminum extrusion (#1003) and T Slot Aluminum Linear Bearing (#6426).  So far its looking promising.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Aesthetic advice needed....

OK, I like hard tops and think they work well on a Whitby. Not everyone's cup of tea, but. I have had this hard top laying around for a number of years and today managed to get a dry fit. I think it looks pretty good fore and aft but it might be too narrow athwartship. I can have it cut down the center and widened by 20 ins or so. Opinions would be appreciated. Please try and ignore the big baulks of wood, they will be replaced by aluminum tubing in due course.

If you are shy you can e-mail your opinion to whitby42 "at" gmail.com

Monday, July 14, 2014

Motoring the Gulf of Mexico

Just back from a 550 mile motor-motor (precious little sailing) across the Gulf of Mexico from Marathon, FL. to Venice, LA. on a friends Whitby 42.  I now know a lot more about the fuel consumption of an 80HP Ford Lehman (2GPH).  Motored up the South Pass of the Mississippi on the last few pints of fuel.

Great trip.

I never tire of dolphins.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

B&G Zeus2 7 Multi-Touch Nav System...

While I was away I received my Zeus2 7" unit (Shown here as a temporary install).


I got it mainly for the SailSteer software and as an instrument display.  Impressions to far...nice.

My excuse for goofing off.......

I just walked 250 miles of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Now back in Miami to be greeted by this;

As we say in Gaelic "Bollocks".

Friday, May 23, 2014

PLB Destruction...

Just to round off the PLB / EPIRB discussion.  When you are finished with your PLB /EPIRB you have a legal / moral obligation to render it unusable.  Do not just throw it in the trash where it can be triggered accidentally.   Remove the battery and damage the PCB so that it cannot function.  Then log on to the registration page (you did register it, didn't you?) and list it as destroyed. 

Dispose / recycle your batteries per your local regulations.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thru-Hull failure.. you can lead a horse to water....

but you know the rest.

As my reader(s) may know I have an arrangement with a National "Waterlife Outfitter", previously known as a marine retailer (the arrangement is that I pretend to work and they pretend to pay me).  I do enjoy working there and quite a few of my customers fall into the "interesting" category, yesterday I had a good example.

They brought in this item (on the left of the following photo);

This was installed on a "Classic Plastic" type sailboat not some "Tupperware" bay boat.  I gave them my lecture on the installation of proper thru-hulls (shown on the right), including showing them "Main Sails" excellent video on what happens when you do it wrong.

CLICK HERE (Please support Maine Sail, he is a marine national treasure). 



This is the inside of the original valve;

After a few phone calls with the owner they decided to just replace the original install.  Interestingly the deciding factor was the time it would take to do the install and not the cost difference of the fittings, which was not much. As we say in South Florida  "Vaya con Dios"