Friday, May 23, 2014

PLB Destruction...

Just to round off the PLB / EPIRB discussion.  When you are finished with your PLB /EPIRB you have a legal / moral obligation to render it unusable.  Do not just throw it in the trash where it can be triggered accidentally.   Remove the battery and damage the PCB so that it cannot function.  Then log on to the registration page (you did register it, didn't you?) and list it as destroyed. 

Dispose / recycle your batteries per your local regulations.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thru-Hull failure.. you can lead a horse to water....

but you know the rest.

As my reader(s) may know I have an arrangement with a National "Waterlife Outfitter", previously known as a marine retailer (the arrangement is that I pretend to work and they pretend to pay me).  I do enjoy working there and quite a few of my customers fall into the "interesting" category, yesterday I had a good example.

They brought in this item (on the left of the following photo);

This was installed on a "Classic Plastic" type sailboat not some "Tupperware" bay boat.  I gave them my lecture on the installation of proper thru-hulls (shown on the right), including showing them "Main Sails" excellent video on what happens when you do it wrong.

CLICK HERE (Please support Maine Sail, he is a marine national treasure). 



This is the inside of the original valve;

After a few phone calls with the owner they decided to just replace the original install.  Interestingly the deciding factor was the time it would take to do the install and not the cost difference of the fittings, which was not much. As we say in South Florida  "Vaya con Dios"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Engine Room lights

When it comes to equipment spaces on a boat, bright is better.

The lights are  TACO, LED Tube Light,  WM Model # 11047008

Also available cheaper on the interweb from other suppliers, but without WM's fairy-dust, my wonderful customer service or the ability to return it when you stupidly connect it to a 120V supply and melt it.

The switch is a "Triple Rocker Switch Panel with Aluminum Bracket" bought on eBay.

There is no rational for the Red lights in the ER except that the tubes came with them.  I will make up some story to justify them later.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Anchor Shackles.....

I'm not making any big statement on the quality of Chinese products.  That would be idiotic bearing in mind that the majority of products I use are made there or at least in the Far East.  When it comes to Anchor Shackles, HOWEVER, I tend to err on the side of USA made products.

This is the one you find in most WM stores.  A 7/16" will cost you $6.99 from WM. (photo is of a 3/8")   CLICK HERE

This one is also stocked by WM but in most stores you have to order it  from a distribution center. CLICK HERE.  It takes a couple of days and can be shipped free (3-7 days)  to your house.  A 7/16" will cost you $17.99 from WM.  I have found them for as low as $6.72 on the Interweb.

Maybe its just me, but anchor shackles are not a place I try and save money.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Boom, Boom.......

Boom on, makes the boat look like a sailboat, finally.

Longer than the original due to the conversion from a Ketch to a Sloop.  17ft 4 ins.

Garhauer mainsheet track, sighted in.