Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Battery Storage.......

Batteries on a boat need to be low down and strapped down. These things are heavy and if they decide to move about it seldom ends well.

Usually boxes were constructed out of plywood / fiberglass or Roto-molded plastic and these were used to contain the battery. The logic was that any spilled battery acid would be contained by the box.

While I haven't discounted using wet cell technology (e.g. Golf Cart 6V) I am more likely to install AGM batteries. I happen to believe that sealed, maintenance free batteries will be the standard in the future. For that reason I am installing a battery "tray" whose sole purpose is to secure the battery bank in place.

The yellow piece of cardboard is a generic battery outline whose dimensions are the max length of a Group 31 and the max width of a Trojan 6V. The tray can a accommodate 8 group 31 AGM batteries for a total of 840AH.

The spaces in between will be chocked with starboard pieces and the batteries held down by wooden battens bolted down to the edge of the tray with threaded bar.

This is the bracing on the bottom of the tray. It will be supported on wooden beams and bolted into the lead keel. It will also be braced fore and aft and side to side to prevent movement.

Monday, March 29, 2010

ZF25 arrived today....

Caspers little helper arrived today. A ZF25M, possibly the last one available in the US. A new shipment is due in May, but they are hard to find at the moment. When I asked about the 8deg down angle one, everyone just laughed.

Basic (very basic) carpentry....

Bottom shelf of the storage area over the fuel tank.

Totally unremarkable except that it is the first "new" piece of marine ply that I have installed on TIH. A few coats of West System and a little sanding of the edges should make it presentable.

Fuel tank bondage.....

Stbd fuel tank secured a la David Gerr, "Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook". Maybe not as pretty as the diagram, but.....

When we get pitch-poled south of the "Horn" the only thing I want to worry about is my wife shooting me and then suing my body for divorce.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fuel filter and polishing system...

Given enough time and a big enough hammer I could have built a fuel filter/polishing system. It would have worked AND it would have looked like cr&p. These things I know.

I have always lusted after the KTI Filter Boss fuel system. I met and spoke to Carole Keenan of KTI Systems at the Miami Boat Show. Both she and Andy could not have been more helpful and in the end I contract out the build to them.

Andy took my sad sketch and turned it into a working system. The end product is a work of art. I now have a system that can;

1. Polish three tanks.
2. Move fuel between tanks.
3. Supply the engine and generator.
4. Has a visual early warning system.
5. Has a sight glass to check if fuel is flowing.
6. Has a 43 GPH fuel pump.
7. Has parts that are not propriety and can be replaced by me at some time in the future.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Steering decision...

The original Whitby 42 came with Hynautic (now Teleflex) hydraulic steering. This was a good system at the time and continues to give good service. My only issue with it was the complete lack of feedback.

I had not decided on the steering decision as of last week. The short list was;

1. Hydrive (Australian company) - A hydraulic system with feedback.
2. Jefa steering system - both rod and pull/pull.
3. Edson Pull/Pull.

Edson had already designed a Pull/Pull system for the Whitby 42 and I suspect that a version of this system was installed on the Brewer 12.8 (the redesigned W42).

Unfortunately, parts of Edson design will not fit on TIH (e.g. I have only room for a 10" quadrant). I have e-mailed Edson with a list of questions but do date have not received an answer. (Correction----a 12" quadrant fits!!!!)

In any event the I will now be installing an Edson Pull/Pull system.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Edson steering $$$$$$$$$$$.....

1. Edson Classic Series Chain and Wire Steering Pedestal - $854.58
2. Edson 36" Stainless Destroyer Wheel - $626.91
Edson Steering Wheel Nuts - $40.92
Edson Standard Clutch and Throttle Controls - 329.80
Edson Straight Pedestal Guard Kit - $268.38
Edson Teak Fold Down Luncheon Table - $499.99
7. Edson 4" idlers - $369.00
Edson - 2 1/2" Pedestal Riser - $154.98
Total = $3142.56 + Tax

Getting all of the above (lightly used) at the Dania Marine Flea Market for $400 = Priceless.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stbd. Fuel tank dry fit...

actually fits. I had to build up the inside of the hull and the base and am less than impressed with my fiberglassing ability. Fortunately its hidden from view.

The new tank holds approx 70gals.

The old tank was not in bad condition. It was foamed in place and the lid bulged a bit but there was no major corrosion. However, if I had to remove it at a later date it would require the removal of the engine first.

Drivetrain Options......

On my last boat I installed a Vetus Bullflex between the shaft coupling and the transmission. It worked as advertised. However, the $900 price tag seems a bit steep.

Another option that I think is interesting is the "Powertrain Marine Joint".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sea Chest, completed....

but not yet installed. Obviously missing its Lexan cover.

The Sea Chest was fabricated out of 3/8" Polypropylene, by Dura-Weld, Inc.
Excellent company to deal with. Gareth was prompt and efficient, knows his business and the project arrived ahead of time and BELOW budget. That's not something that happens too often in the boat business.

Dura Weld
3599 23rd Ave S, #9
Lake Worth, FL 33461
561-586-0180 Office
561-586-0181 Fax

Fuel Fill elbows...

I need a number of 90deg elbows in the fuel fill hoses. After a few tries I have settled on standard copper plumbing elbows. They fit securely and are nice and compact. It looks too easy, so there must be a snag. OK, whats going to go wrong? Will the copper atoms crawl down the hose and eat my nice fuel tanks? Help!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Transmission decision!!!!!!

For some reason the ZF 25 transmission is on back-order everywhere. Someone is suggesting a Twin-Disc so I am investigating. Any suggestions?

Question for Ocean Dove and any other engineer; Is the 8deg down angle the way to go? I have being trying to work it out but am somewhat confused. Working in metric and imperial measurements is not helping (my guru, Jim is an Imperial guy).

(as a former colleague of mine was fond of saying "four years ago I couldn't spell engenier now I are one").

Hose Clamps...

According to the blurb; "ABA 316 Stainless Clamps features include, acid resistant, no perforations in the band, rolled up band edges, and a vibration proof thread pitch."

Others, including Tridon pictures here are "Part stainless steel." Unless you really enjoy bending over in tight corners replacing hose clamps you should buy the ABA ones.

Just my 2 cents.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sea Chest mock-up..

Yes I know, I'm into mock-ups. If the boat was a cardboard project it would be finished by now. My love affair with mock-ups comes from a long experience with ships/boats where you find yourself asking "how the hell did they put that there?". I worked on one power boat where the hydraulic header tank could only be filled by a size zero supermodel (and I could never find one prepared to fill hydraulic fluid).

So now I use mock-ups. Its saves a lot of cursing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Perkins Sabre M65 for SALE

Caspers twin brother is on the market;

Perkins Sabre M65

Dimensions of Old Stbd. fuel tank.

As requested by Bruce. I hope the numbers line up!