Monday, September 21, 2009

Stbd. Fuel tank out....

The original Stbd. fuel tank appeared to be in pretty good shape despite the fact that it was foamed in. The lid did have a slight bulge and it was in dire need of serious cleaning.

If, however, anything happened to it in the future (pinhole leak etc.) it would be a major saga to replace it. The decision was therefore made to remove it now, while the engine room was empty.

It can be pried inwards if the front of the fiberglass box is cut away. It is foamed along about 1/3 of its bottom and outboard side. It can only be removed via the engine room lid.

Still way too hot for this nonsense....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aft Bilge....

Despite the heat I tackled the aft part of the bilge with the epoxy and sand mix. This is the hardest part to reach as it is narrow. It also contained a nice layer of 30yo bilge crud.



Using an angle grinder with a sander disk at full arm extension is always fun, but at least I did not grind through the hull. The epoxy mix went in easily and leveled out well. I had moved 200ft of chain to the stern to provide a slight slope when it sets. Tomorrow I will glass over the wooden dam and fair off the edges.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Too hot to work.......

In Miami, you know you are in trouble when people talk of the temperature cooling DOWN to 87 Deg F. Where I come from that's 30 Deg C. On the the very rare occasions that happens in Ireland we lock ourselves in the back of Pubs and worry about the end of days. Sheep spontaneously combust and the government bans the watering of lawns.

Onboard TIH 87 Deg F. means that I sit on a chair under the A/C and plan things.

The boat came with three brand new shiny Hood hatches, still in their cartons. Fabulous, just pop out the old ones and in with the new. Something else I won't have to buy.

An early attempt on the old saloon hatch proved inconclusive. The screws came out, but the bedding compound resisted all attempts at removing it. No problem, defer for a while.

Looking at the old hatches again today, got me thinking. They are Atkins & Hoyle (two are XR200 one smaller one). While the Lexan and gasket is shot the hatch body is perfect, if just a little oxidized. So we are on to plan B, refurbish the existing hatches. Anyone want to buy some very nice Hood hatches???

Hood hatch -
19 1/2" X 19 1/2" (495mm x 495mm)