Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hire these people.........

if you ever want a boat moved. Outstanding service, on time delivery, quick and efficient.

Albert's Marine Services
Indialantic, FL 32903
Al Ruocco - 800-591-5903

TIH his now safely on the hard at Hurricane Cove Marina, Miami, Fl.

Monday, October 27, 2008

They took my boat.........

Ok, so I hired a trucking company whose logo is a skull and crossed swords.

I gave them a wad of cash and they and the Cape Canaveral Marina team, very efficiently, loaded TIH on a flatbed and the truck drove away.

If TIH shows up in Miami tomorrow I will be very impressed and will highly recommend the company. If TIH doesn't show up this blog may come to an abrupt end.

Liferaft test - Well done Mr. Avon of Wales!!!!!!

TIH came complete with a 6 man (person!!!!!) canister life raft, DOB April 1987, to proud parents Mr. and Mrs. Avon, Dafen, Llanelli, Dyfed, Wales. The last time it was serviced was Oct. 1993.

Now, I have a few issues with life rafts having been involved in the recovery operation after the Fastnet Race in 1979 off the South Coast of Ireland. For those too young to remember;
Fastnet Race 1979

My own feeling about having a life raft on board tends to follow the advice of Lin and Larry Pardey. Check out FRIB and Portland Pudgy as two interesting alternatives.

As a result of the Fastnet incident and various cold and miserable life raft training classes over the years I have two rules governing inflatable life rafts;


2. If rule one cannot apply, YOU ONLY STEP UP INTO A LIFE RAFT. (i.e. your main vessel and tenders etc. have to be in the process of disappearing).

I was, therefore, not about to try and squeeze a few more years out of this device. We decided to stage a life raft demonstration for anyone available in the yard. The Wright Rev. Marshall was tasked with pulling the painter because if you ever need a life raft, having a religious person around to inflate it is also a good idea. Much to our surprise the damn thing inflated. Well done AVON. (This is NOT an endorsement to stretch the recommended service intervals).

The Rev. Marshall thanking the gods' of all things inflatable.

The original birth certificate. They breed them hardy in Wales.

The absolute best use for an inflatable life raft, a doggy paddling pool and sun shade..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

TIH is on the move.....

Well just not yet... After a month of cooling my heels in Miami waiting for the end of hurricane season, road transport has been arranged. As usual with boat projects, the work list prior to the move has expanded to over-fill the time allotted. The truck is arranged for the 27 Oct and I'm sure I will be painting anti fouling on the hull as she is being loaded.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Outstanding new Whitby/Brewer web resource....

The Whitby Brewer sailboat site has finally been revamped. Congratulations and a huge Bravo Zulu (flag code for "well done") to all involved. It looks like a fabulous layout and once we get some information migrated over or contribute it should be a huge resource for owners and potential owners. Hopefully the "censorship issue" on the previous board has been cleared up and I look forward to contributing (see my previous post on the subject of censorship).

Whitby Brewer Sailboat Site

The name will wait......

We have tried to come up with a proper name for TIH but so far, failed. There is no real urgency as she is still strictly a hull, except that I have to get her federally documented asap. To change "Mariposa" (her last name) at a later date will require another fee. The naming a vessel is no minor matter as the owners of "Ship Happens", "Sexual Heeling", "Autopsea", "Poopy Express" "Nauti-Lust" "Never Again 2" etc. will attest. Please note that all of these names are of power boats. Blow boaters have a little more class. We may have class but we lack inspiration. So if anyone has a suggestion, go for it......

To keep the ideas in the ballpark, our last boat was called "Eriu", so something with an Irish angle would be a good start.

Also if you are changing a boat's name, check out;