Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Workshop area completed.

Large door handles are designed to keep doors level to act as work surfaces.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Securing Lockers.......I believe in BBBs'

Big Bloody Bolts.  This is a quote from the Fastnet Race Disaster of 1979.

"‘Lethal missiles;  Of the 303 yachts that started the ’79 Fastnet, 112 reported knockdowns, 77 of which were B2 knockdowns, ones in which the mast is substantially below horizontal, the yacht inverts or undergoes a full 360-degree roll. The inquiry into the disaster reported: ‘In several boats, cookers and batteries fell out of their mountings. Both items are potentially lethal missiles.’ On his Fastnet ’79 experience, Matt added: ‘Dangers below are frequently ignored. One of the biggest problems aboard Grimalkin during the height of the storm was how objects broke loose. Each time the yacht suffered a knockdown, tins of food and other heavy objects were flying around the saloon. When Grimalkin was recovered, one of the lead acid batteries, which had been secured under the companionway steps, was found wedged in the yacht’s bow. This deadly missile had taken away part of the main bulkhead during one of our pitchpoles.’"

Lockers on TIH have bolts to keep them closed.  "Finger Pulls" do not cut it;

A much younger me during the Fastnet 79, recovery operations with a fellow diver.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Alpenglow light conversion to LED

See previous "Lighting" post for details.