Monday, August 29, 2016

Small carpentry projects

While the settee was being constructed by Greg the carpenter I had him do some other small projects.

 Panel in walk-through.  Most W42 have an electrical panel here.  I do not, just storage.

 Lynne is not to enamored with  anything that blocks off the saloon space but I like proper storage.

The back on the plate rack will hold an iPad that can bee seen from the bunk and show data should as AIS targets or wind speed.

 I like proper storage. I may have mentioned that.

Second and final Saloon Settee

 Individually hinged lids.  On most W42 there are drawers on the vertical face.  I hate drawers.

 Front face lifts and will be pinned to give a "lee board" for overnight passages.

Front face lifts lifts up and folds down to give a 36" bunk for guests.  Back cushion will be sized to fill up the space.
Slots to allow the positioning of the boards.