Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More electrical.....

Navigation desk nearing completion. The top left hand panel is the complete DC control panel. The Easy View touch screen that shows battery / fuze / charging status and permits touch button control of any of the 30 circuits. The 8 Carling breakers can be assigned to any of the most commonly switched circuits (e.g. Fresh water pump, anchor light etc). The other grey faceplate is the control/indicator for the inverter charger.

The top right panel will house a GPS, bottom left a VHF, bottom right the SSB.

My buddy Nat, a serious electrical guru, has started the shore power 120V install.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot weather work.....

Teak inserts in Nav panel. They will allow cut-out for various instruments. If I change the instrument later I will only have to replace one panel.

Electrical conduit. Top two 120V, bottom12v DC.

Clever idea from my shipmates on Toberua II, If you have to put a facing panel in a locker make it out of perspex. Then you can see the junk stored inside.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Forward heads revisited......

A loonnggg time ago I had planned to give the forward heads its own holding tank. After much cutting and grinding I realized that this was going to be more trouble that it was worth. While I accept that holding tanks are a necessity I consider them a major PITA. Having two would just double the experience. In any event I need the space for the bow thruster.

As per LAVAC drawings I had not installed an antiphon valve in the waste hose, this was a mistake. The water siphoned back into the bowl and while it did not overflow it did back-flow waste from the hose with the inevitable smell.

Antiphon valve now installed. All hoses/pump etc. surface installed for ease of maintenance. Wife not majorly impressed but she won't be maintaining it AND its the boy heads.

In keeping with the "boy heads" element it will pump directly overboard (where legal) or back to the holding tank in the engine room. As I hate "Y" valves I have copied this system from another W42.

Bow thruster, nice V. need to have?

Well discussion over, $600 for a new Vetus 4HP pretty well sealed the deal.

Friday, July 15, 2011

KiwiGrip - deck paint....

I have always been interested in this product as a deck paint. But I may also use it as paint for the strips on the cabin sole.


To date they only produced white and pastel colors but I just go this e-mail from them;

"My factory is also brewing a "tan" color - something "teak-like" but I would stop way short of calling it dark brown! It'll be a light tan. They are brewing this week for shipment in a week or two. Then 25 sailing days, and 10 days getting thru customs and into our warehouse here in Seattle. This means it should be here end August, early Sept. If your schedule will allow, you may want to give our new "tan" a whirl. - Willy Stiggelbout "

If it looks horrible I can always paint over with a lighter color.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cabin Sole and saloon deck...advice needed.

At some stage I will have to face the cabin sole paint project. New W42 owners were give two options for the cabin sole;

1. A full teak and holly sole at extra cost.
2. Drop in floorboards (teak and holly) which fit into the molded inserts in the hull liner.

The second option, which I have, leaves a painted white strip between the floorboards which I think looks a bit weird.

The PO was kind enough to include a complete set of new drop in boards with the boat. These have been languishing in my apartment for some time.

My two questions;

1. Any ideas on how to deal with the fiberglass strips between the boards (paint, what color, teak strip glued on, etc)?

2. What type of varnish for the new floorboards?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Electrical wiring conduits.....

Might not be everyone's aesthetic choice but the accessibility works for me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grand Banks teak table

If there is any upside to renovating a boat verrrry verrry slowly, its that you get to pick up stuff along the way, usually at a reasonable price. I found this table on Craigslist.