Thursday, May 16, 2013

Habemus bowsprit.........

After all my bowsprit machinations I found the impossible.  A complete, "Tops in Quality" manufactured bowsprit made by the original steel fabricators to the Canadian Whitby Boat Works.  It was destined for a stalled project boat in Tampa.  Its now in my yard.

While there I naturally bought the Garhauer mainsheet traveller on offer. 

Time to get installing, that was the last major part of the jigsaw.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Aft Companionway - we have a winner.

I like having access to the aft cabin when in harbor and on a nice bay sail.  I am less impressed with it offshore.  In fact, unless you are dealing with flat calm conditions I believe that the aft hatch should be closed and secured once you venture offshore.  As the aft companionway on TIH needed a complete overhaul I took the opportunity to redesign it.   

I will replace the existing hatch board and cover with fiberglassed coosa board.  The front will be hinged about 2" up and open forward.  It will be bolted closed against heavy rubber gaskets.

 The top lid will be hinged about 2/3 of the way back.  The teak board represents the location of the main sheet track.  The black otter box represents a Lewmar 20 ocean hatch.

The top lid will have a front edge.

Lid hinged up.

Will be held up by a brass hatch holder;

Location of heavy duty rubber gaskets.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aft Companionway.... continued

Ask six sailors a question and you will get seven opinions because at least one has a split personality. 

I posted the aft companionway question on the Whitby Facebook page and got a number of great responses.  I also got one phone call and one e-mail from owners who either don't trust FB or are on the witness protection program.   I expect to get at least one reply written on papyrus, delivered by a man with a split stick, such is the diversity of our owners group.   To all I say thank you.

The lack of consensus breaks down as follows;

  1. Owners who love and use the act companionway and scoot up and down with impunity.
  2. Owners who have removed the ladder, installed temporary steps and use the existing companionway as an escape hatch and for ventilation. 
  3. A small number who have blanked off the companionway and installed a standard hatch, even one Brewer 44 which I believe was factory ordered this way. 

As usual the Whitby/Brewer lives up to her reputation as a  "A many-faceted boat"

These are photos from Rich and Carol Middleton's boat CREOLA  (Thanks for the input Rich and Carol)