Friday, May 27, 2011

Other peoples boats....

Lots of other peoples boats in my life at the moment. No complaints but it means that TIH is sadly neglected. The regular power boat gig on Biscayne Bay continues and the most enjoyable part is that the weekly fuel bill (this week it was $1,350) is not on my credit card.

Got to have some Irish Naval Service flashbacks last week when we thought we saw a kayaker waving a red jacket at us to indicate his position. As we were about to veer off we noticed that it was an upturned boat (18ft whaler type) with one guy in the water and another sitting on top. A quick bit of MOB drill later, the owner got a line to one and I got a line the other and we hauled them on board. They had been in the water 30 minutes and amazingly had managed to locate lifejackets but no sign of flares, handheld VHF, rosary beads etc. I have a very poor opinion of the standards of boating safety in the Miami area and these gentlemen did nothing to change my mind. Due to my lack of linguistic skills we never really got much beyond "Mi bota no mas flota". They were, however, extremely grateful and I suspect getting out of the boat business as they showed to interest in recovering the boat.

The great benefit recovering people from Biscayne bay as opposed to Irish coast it that they generally are much perkier and generally not a horrible blue color.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

View of Lower Manhattan.....

from the Whitby 42, "Toberua II" anchored North of Ellis Island.

Great (motor)sail from Norfolk to NY. Wet and cold trip up the Hudson, now back drying out in Miami.

Monday, May 9, 2011

No boat work...just back from the New Orleans Jazz Fest....

Fat and wasted...but happy.

Fried Oyster Po-Boy for breakfast. If I stayed any longer I would have to book two seats on the plane back to Miami.