Thursday, September 29, 2011

Working on OPBs' (Other peoples boats)...

So not much time for TIH.  I did manage to get the mast pulled.  Three years ago (time flies when you etc.) when I splashed TIH the mast was stepped with new rigging and new wiring in the usual  boatyard scramble.  I had always planned to have a second go at some of the 34yo fittings.

The first part is the very nice fiberglass mast step molded into the hull.  For any W42 owner who has not gotten up close and personal with these, this is what you will face.

Mast step which may or may not have an aluminum plate on the bottom.  Teak chocks to stop the base of the mast moving around.

Aluminum plate removed.

Chocks removed.  They may have been gooped in place at some stage but I'm not sure it was necessary.

Now the fun part.  The holes (arrowed) were the original limber (drain) holes which are;

a.  Too small
b.  Covered by the aluminum
c.  Then covered by the chocks.

This resulted in a nice stagnant pool of water covering the base of the mast.

I have now drilled 4 larger holes, enlarged the originals, I will notch the aluminum plate and ensure the chocks do not obstruct the drain holes.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A tale of two anchors.....

TIH came with two 45lb CQR anchors.  One I traded and the second one has hung on the bow for the last three years.  These are not my favorite anchors but I know they do have their supporters.   My anchor of choice was to be the ROCNA with a possibility of the very similar MANSON as an alternative.  ROCNA has recently been in the wars due the use of a lower spec steel after it outsourced production to China, see;

I'm not convinced that the issue is major but ROCNA appears to have made little or no effort to address the situation. As a result I am happy to default to the 60lb MANSON.  The Supreme 60 is specked for 45' to 55' Boat Length but the company does recommend moving up a size if you plan to anchor in testing environments.  I will only be keeping one anchor on the bow so weight will not be an issue.   

My backup anchor will be the CQR 45 (or its replacement) stowed below decks, a Fortress FX-55 partially assembled in the V-Berth and a steel 35lb DANFORTH secured aft as a kedge anchor.

Monday, September 12, 2011


When it comes to the boats critical systems I tend to err on the side of "overbuilt".  This is the aluminum platform while holds the steering bracket.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I have been looking for this cartoon for ever....

and have just stolen it from Mark Corke's site, it neatly sums up my carpentry skills;


Louvred inserts screw up.....

I have always wanted to brighten up the interior if TIH and decided to replace some of the drawer/locker fronts with teak louvered inserts.  Well it had to happen. I ordered teak inserts from Thai Teak Marine and between the contact and myself we got our measurements screwed up.  The cutout size became the overall size.

I purchased some 1.25" teak trim and placed it around the opening.  I now think it actually looks better.