Monday, February 27, 2012

New Water tanks

Picked up my new water tanks from Gareth at;

Dura Weld
3599 23rd Ave S, #9
Lake Worth, FL 33461
561-586-0180 Office
561-586-0181 Fax

Excellent work as usual.

I have four tanks in the original space (below the saloon deck - two either side).  I may add a third one each side as I have the space.  All tanks are sized to to be easily removable for cleaning / hull access etc.  The hull tanks have a capacity of  18  to 20 gals each (approx 78 gals tot).  I have one extra tank which fits on the port side or the Engine Room where the fuel tank fits on many W42s' (this fuel tank was an optional extra).  That water tank holds approx 45gals.  We cruised our last boat with 70 gals but naturally our usage will increase in direct proportion to water availability.  With sensible use 120gals will easily supply two people for 14 days Bahamas cruising.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Titanium Chain Plates...

Check this out;

Practical Sailor

Its worth picking up a Dec 2011 issue, or even better suscribe.  I will post more later, but I think its a runner.  $200 (approx) per chainplate from Allied Titanium.  No corrosion issues.

Allied Titanium

My life in three posters....

Anyone on Facebook has seen these, but they are worth stealing;

 My Nationality;

My previous profession;

My chosen lifestyle;


Thursday, February 9, 2012

The best laid schemes of mice and men.....

My reader(s) may have wondered where I've been for the last three months, but I have a good excuse.  Stage 4 Colon Cancer - beat that with a stick.  I felt a little run down during the summer and went to my GP.  The short story is 2 operations, ascending and transverse colon removed (the necessary bits are still there), 21 days in hospital and am now on my second dose of chemo.  Over all feeling pretty good.  I'm blessed to have an amazing wife, great friends, good insurance and outstanding doctors and medical professionals.  The prognosis has gone from "not good"  to "not so bad".  The next year will tell a lot.  The boat plan is as follows;

1.  Continue to work on the boat to the existing standard with one of two possible ends;

      a.  Lynne and I will go cruising when I am cured.
      b.  The boat will be sold at some time in the future if plan a. does not work out.

I am quietly positive that plan a. is the one. 

So, dear reader(s) I will take all the good wishes, prayers from any source, Voudou incantations etc. that are sent my way.  After that the blog will revert to boat work.  If anyone wishes to put their name of a short list to buy the boat, that would be perfectly acceptable as long as you have a long time horizon.  If and when she is sold the sale price will not be the deciding factor.  I will be looking for a kindred spirit with the resources to finish the project.

If there has to be a positive side affect of being turned into a pinata by a bunch of surgeons is an almost immediate weight loss.  In my case a well needed 30lbs in 20 days.  That's me to the right of the pig.