Monday, November 12, 2012

Work Bench lights

One of the easiest upgrade on any boat is to change out old halogen or incandescent lights for LEDs'.  As TIH had no lights installed, LEDs' are an easy choice. Except for the Alpenglow lights (which are low powered fluorescent) all the lights on-board will be LEDs'.

You have to do some research, however, as there is a big difference between the earlier LED lights and later developments, ditto for cheaper LEDs' versus more expensive ones.

I chose the West Marine Platinum Series LED Dome Lights with Rotating Bezel Dimming Control.  Two all white and one Bi-Color for night use.


 Moving along with  projects...

Settee in main salon;

The top of the settee is made from 3/4" teak and holly ply that was left over when the previous owner has all new deck boards made (currently living under the bed in my apartment).  

The front of the settee is made from one of the pieces which originally boxed in the main mast in the salon.

The seat is 24" wide.  Hopefully I can keep it as wide as possible.  After seeing how often I bang my leg I will decide on the final width and trim the outboard edges.  Both ends will be angled.