Thursday, October 20, 2011

PB200 - Major extravagance....

Sailors can be poor, cheap or both.  I am firmly in the last group.  It is therefore with much trepidation I dropped 10 boat bucks on an Airmar PB200.

The thought of this lovely piece of technology perched on top of my mast, in the way of lightning, bird poop, UV rays and bridges is enough to cause me sleepless nights.

If you haven't heard about the PB200  Click here.

Its main task will be to drive the autopilot under sail.  For that reason alone I think its worth the money.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mast overhaul....

When I splashed TIH three years ago, I re rigged the mast but did not overhaul the fittings.  I took the opportunity during this hurricane season to pull the mast again and carry out some work.  This will include adding 32 mast steps (folding type), overhauling the sheaves and replacing the tangs.


I am still trying to ID the mast manufacturer, all suggestions welcome.  Dimensions are 9 7/8" by 6 3/8".

I will install a spinnaker bail on the forward end of the masthead (right hand side of this photo). This is to take a roller furling Code Zero (Facnor FX 2500). 

I really, really want to remove the SS bolts that hold the tangs on the mast (masthead and spreader) but they are proving a bear to move.  The Kroil releasing fluid is excellent.

Spreader holder.  The four rivets on the upper side had corroded away.

Spinnaker boom track.

Masthead sheaves (2 by 5"diameter by 3/4" rope sheave + 1 by 5"diameter by 1/2" wire sheave in the middle.  As I don't plan to use wire halyards I may try and swap this sheave out.

Dual backstay connection.

Movable goosneck connection for boom.