Thursday, June 30, 2011

Planned obsolescence????

Just changed out a water heater for a friend. Looks like it is about 12 years old and appeared to suffer a catastrophic failure of the weld. I am not really complaining about the product. I'm just posting it here for general info.

Great support from Mastervolt (as usual)....

I know it sounds like I'm a cheerleader for MV and in a way I am. I work in the marine business and am convinced that some companies do NOT get the importance of customer support. With new technology it gets harder and harder to differentiate electronic equipment on features alone. Most electronic "stuff" has more features that most owners will ever use. What really pi$$es a customer off is when, after shelling out $$$K for some device he gets a talking machine and the advice "your call is very important to us"....... actually NO, if it was you would answer the phone. Garmin is well up there for service but Raymarine can be hit or miss.

When it comes to MV, I am fully aware that I am a pimple on the end of their supply chain and yet I get a reply, by return, to any of my inane questions.

The recent questions was about the location of the shunt vis a vie the Distribution 500. One poster suggested that it was on the wrong side. The fact that I was getting reversed readings seemed to support this. A quick e-mail to MV clarified that there was a setting hidden in the Shunt software (click on the reset button under the warning "resetting will void warranty") and click on advances settings (or similar, I'm doing this from memory). There is a "reverse" tick box.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nav Desk dry fit......

I had two pieces of 1/4" aluminum water-cut to make a frame for the 120v panel and for the front face of the navigation console. The console has four openings that will hold inserts with cutouts for the various instruments, VHF, GPS etc. This will allow for later customization without having to redo the full panel.

This is the original diagram for the 120V Blue Seas 360 panel. Scott McEniry and his team did a great job. The slight change he recommended was to substitute standard analogue gauges so that he could install a selector switch to take readings of either shore power 1 or 2.

Everything gets dismantled soon and the panels go off to be powder coated matte black.

Storage ideas

Saloon storage;

Plate storage;

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What kind of a muppett installed this.......

If you own any type of vessel over 16ft and you have not uttered this (or similar) at least once you are a lucky person. Today's simple task was to install the Fusion Super-Woofer in the lower locker on the starboard side of the saloon. I had measured it so I knew it would fit. Four screws into the hull liner and job done.

What I failed to realize was that I would have to install the screws blind as the screw holes were hidden by the sides of the locker. I would have to remove them and then reinstall them every time the fuze blew or I needed to adjust the master volume. Any normal installer would simply have power screwed them in place and let the owner deal with the removal later. Unfortunately, I is the owner.

A trip to West Marine and a bunch of fittings later this backing plate was mounted.

Four hours and two super strong bungees later and the job was done.

And that folks is why boat jobs take four times longer and cost eight times more than the original estimate.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finish a bloody project.......... please

The problem with any major boat renovation is the interrelated nature of boat projects. To get at one area involves removing at least one other item to gain access. There is a tendency to leave some projects half completed awaiting the completion of a related one. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. However, I have become thoroughly fed up of tripping over 70 half completed projects. The new policy is to compete one project, however small, a day.

ER Tray with hinges and bolt fitted.

Saloon storage front panel, repaired (almost), sanded, reinstalled and awaiting cetol.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Off to the Erie Canal......

Helping to move the same Whitby 42 as last time. This time its just fun.

The Erie Canal Song