Thursday, July 31, 2008

The plan was NOT to buy a boat.......

until we were ready to leave Miami. Don't get me wrong, Miami is a nice place with fabulous cruising grounds; Biscayne Bay, The Keys and the Bahamas. Its just not the most user friendly place to keep a large sailboat. Hurricane season can be especially exciting. Therefore Lynne and I agreed that we would not buy a sailboat until shortly before we were to sail away. I would spend my time researching our "perfect boat" and had reduced the short list to;

Passport 40, Peterson 44, Whitby 42

Many hours were spent on A few visits to boats, "just looking" and the occasional boat delivery to keep me sane-ish. Then I found "Mariposa".

No one said that I could NOT buy a hull.

The renovation of a Whitby 42 sailboat

All good stories have a prequel , this is ours;

The Voyage of S/Y Eriu