Sunday, August 3, 2008

The renovation plan......

As TIH is pretty "stripped out" I will have to deal with the installation of some major systems. These include (in order of priority);

1. Overhaul all thru-hulls and paint bilge. Possibly install a "Sea chest" and close up some existing thru-hulls.
2. Replace chain plates and reinstall masts. I would like to investigate moving the chain plates to the outside of the hull.
3. Overhaul the fuel tanks.
4. Overhaul water tanks.
5. Re-Plumb the fresh/salt water systems.
6. Install new hatches (already purchased by previous owner).
7. Re-install rigging and winches.
8. Re-install windlass.
9. Re-engine.
10. Re-wire

I think I've just hit phase three of the project.


robert said...

Just curious about your thoughts on chainplates. What is the reason(s) you would like them on the outside (where are they now?)


The Incredible Hull said...

They are bolted through the deck. While not badly done on the Whitby they can cause leaks and are difficult to inspect. Check out