Thursday, October 2, 2008

The name will wait......

We have tried to come up with a proper name for TIH but so far, failed. There is no real urgency as she is still strictly a hull, except that I have to get her federally documented asap. To change "Mariposa" (her last name) at a later date will require another fee. The naming a vessel is no minor matter as the owners of "Ship Happens", "Sexual Heeling", "Autopsea", "Poopy Express" "Nauti-Lust" "Never Again 2" etc. will attest. Please note that all of these names are of power boats. Blow boaters have a little more class. We may have class but we lack inspiration. So if anyone has a suggestion, go for it......

To keep the ideas in the ballpark, our last boat was called "Eriu", so something with an Irish angle would be a good start.

Also if you are changing a boat's name, check out;

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robert said...

Funny those powerboat names. I have seen almost everyone of those names on boats up here in the PNW. Another common powerboat name: "Extasea"

On sailboat names, I personally would recommend AVOIDING those with the word 'Dream' in it. Especially 'Dream Weaver' or 'Dream Catcher'. Seems every fifth boat in the marina is named 'Dream *something*'.

Finding a good name is tough. It took ten years to name our 28 sloop 'Learning Curve' (the boat is curvy and we are always learning).

Also, if you can find a name that carries well over the radio (hard consonants) and short enough to be spelled phonetically, that is good also.