Sunday, November 9, 2008

Barrier Coat

Hard....tooo.....typee.....with..soreeee..arms......... Well as TIH had spend 15 years on the hard (i.e. out of the water) this was a good time to put on the required number of barrier coats to reduce the risk of osmosis. Intelux 2000E comes highly recommended and so far has worked out. The photo is of Jim E. (Boat guru, everything boat related expert etc. etc.) putting on the first coat. After that it was gray coat, white coat, gray coat etc. We got 5 coats on today but as the last one was done in the dark I cannot vouch for its completeness.

Four coats on, fifth going on the the dark by, painting by braille.

Cutlass bearing in, shaft installed and rudder shoe and gudgeon dry fitted. Usual saga with cutlass bearings. TIH uses a 6 inch long 2 inch diameter bearing. After inserting it about two inches it put up a fight, so the usual cruiser hi-tech solution was employed. A number of whacks with a suitable sledge hammer convinced it to behave. Removal in a few years will be less that fun, but that is why God invented sawzalls'.

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