Thursday, May 13, 2010

Engine in....

This is what happens when you leave Jim E. unsupervised.
Things get done.

Final position will be raised approx. 5 ins. Everything else seems to fit.

Front view. H-Beam and chain lift will be setup (put not permanently installed) to allow the engine to be lifted off the mounts and moved aft to permit removal of transmission.


robert said...

Ooo, shiny white! Congrats!

Installed through the cockpit floor? With what sort of equipment did you lift it into the boat?

The Incredible Hull said...

Large crane. Jim pulled one engine out of another boat and popped mine in, all before afternoon tea.

We will move it around using a H beam and a chain hoist.

capndeb said...

So glad to see that things are coming together! Looks VERY impressive!

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks Deb, but I need to emphasize that the rest of the boat is a shambles.

Ocean Dove said...

One Job at a time.
What are you going to use to rise the front feet of the engine 5", Wood, Steel, FG,
How about the aft feet?
The gear box looks great.
Are still in the weeds about your exhaust riser?
what about you coupling and shaft?