Thursday, July 22, 2010

Training day.........

Today was to be bilge painting day but nature had alternate plans. TS "not so" Bonnie is heading our way. "Only" 50kts gusts and lots or rain but a good reminder that its Hurricane Season. Bilge painting was deferred and replaced with a secure the boat and lash everything down operation.

Time for all you "Up North" types to smile smugly, as we do, when your are up to your a$$ is snow.

(ps. my wife has informed me that no one in the US will get the ""not so" Bonnie"" reference. Please tell me she is wrong - Canadians, silence please/silence s'il vous plaƮt.)


Tom said...

We understand
Hope it stays only a "not so"storm""

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks Tom, Bonnie was a bust, the type of storm we like.