Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Campbell Sailer propeller arrives....

18" X 10". Big and shiny.


Alex said...


I just saw your post on the campbell prop. I have a whitby 42 also. Mine is hull #5, I've been trying to find the correct prop for my boat for some time. What engine and trans do you have? I have the perkins 4-236 with a 1:1 trans. If you have the same or simular configuration then this prop may work for me.

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Alex

I have a Perkins Sabre M65 with a ZF 25MA trans 2.23. Contact and they will advise you. One other W42 (Ocean Dove) has also bought one. Give me a month or so and I hope to have a test run.

e-mail me at whitby42 "at"