Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Secret toy.......

I bought this device over a year ago, smuggled it on-board and have kept it very quiet ever since. It looked too good to be true and like many of the "must have" items I've bought at boat shows from efficient looking women, destined to be taken ashore in the dead of night and put in a dumpster. But NO. After 12 months of use, it rocks. Its not for the likes of RJ and his fancy smancy CNC table or those poor kids who did shop is school while us rich kids did useful stuff like Latin and Greek. Its for anyone who can not cut a straight line or screw in two screws without getting a blister.

More importantly all the bits fit into the locker on the port side of the saloon.

Check it out here but, while I love it; "caveat emptor" (that's Latin).


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