Monday, February 27, 2012

New Water tanks

Picked up my new water tanks from Gareth at;

Dura Weld
3599 23rd Ave S, #9
Lake Worth, FL 33461
561-586-0180 Office
561-586-0181 Fax

Excellent work as usual.

I have four tanks in the original space (below the saloon deck - two either side).  I may add a third one each side as I have the space.  All tanks are sized to to be easily removable for cleaning / hull access etc.  The hull tanks have a capacity of  18  to 20 gals each (approx 78 gals tot).  I have one extra tank which fits on the port side or the Engine Room where the fuel tank fits on many W42s' (this fuel tank was an optional extra).  That water tank holds approx 45gals.  We cruised our last boat with 70 gals but naturally our usage will increase in direct proportion to water availability.  With sensible use 120gals will easily supply two people for 14 days Bahamas cruising.

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