Saturday, September 1, 2012

Titanium chain plates have arrived....

The expensive ones are on the left.

I'm really happy with the service from Allied Titanium and if anyone is contemplating this route I have no reservations in recommending this gentleman who has provided outstanding service thorough the process; 

 Ken Schaefer
        Sales Representative
  16192 Coastal Hwy, #162507
        Lewes, DE 19958
       Office: (302)722-8200 Ext 103
       Cell 302-249-3295
       Skype: (302) 725-0982
          Fax: (302) 497-7111


Ocean Dove said...

Very Nice but I thought they were going to be gold plated :)

The Incredible Hull said...

I passed on the gold plate (which was included in the price) as it makes them hard to waterproof.