Thursday, February 28, 2013

I like KISS solutions......

Keep it Simple Stupid has pride of place on any boat, IMHO.  It might not always seem so from some of my projects but I do try. 

The lenses of most deck hatches will eventually craze in the tropical sun.  In an effort to slow the process we tend to cover them with canvas covers.  I have never found these to be long lasting (even with sunbrella) or particularly user friendly.  Then along came the Outland Brothers;


The little black dots on the top of each are twist lock fasteners which allow easy removal of the covers.

I have no link with the company but I like stuff that does what it says on the tin.


Rhys said...

Nice...Of course now I'm thinking I could do this a lot cheaper with translucent plastic and strip magnets on either side of the hatch plastic.

You wouldn't need much to lower the temperature and yet to maintain a reduced but useable light in the daytime.

The Incredible Hull said...

HI Rhys, I don't disagree that you could do it cheaper yourself but that's only because us sad boat renovators price our work at 50Cents an hour.

Rhys said...

Too true! That's the chapter in Beth Leonard's "how to budget for cruising" book that I skate over. When I earn what I earn for what I do, I charge "top-end hooker money". When I work on the boat, I have to budget my time as if I was picking bananas in 1930.

Good thing I'm the skipper, otherwise I'd mutiny.