Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aft companionway.......??????????????

TIH is a center cockpit boat and as per the tradition of her era she has a forward and aft companionway.  I can be corrected on this but it seems that modern (i.e. post 1990) center cockpit boats seem to tend towards a single companionway.

To date I have tended to ignore the upper-deck elements of TIH(with the exception of the ports and hatches) but the looming rainy season has gotten me motivated.

TIH companionway hatches are the traditional type, teak on aluminum "U" shaped channels, with a front drop board.  The drop board is held in place by two vertical retaining boards, screwed onto the fiberglass.  All in all this is a functional system, but is prone to leaking.  I don't like having an open hatch facing forward in any type of sea.  I would like to keep the access but am looking for a more elegant and robust solution. 

Aluminum "U" shaped channel



jc luddite said...

Hi Jerry,

I really like this hatch design:



while this is an alloy boat, it would certainly be feasible to build this style hatch, the frame, out of marine plywood, biaxial fabric & epoxy.

The Incredible Hull said...


Had seen this before but had forgotten it. Now you have me me thinking, not always a good thing.



jc luddite said...

Sorry about that. i just don't trust alloy channel to keep Neptune at bay with full frontal punch.

The original Wauquiez Hood 38, mark 1,has this sort of compainway, perhaps a bit lower profile.

Rhys said...

I dislike dropboards. They leak and they leave gaps that squirt. Go over 90 degrees and they will either bow and shatter or just hose water into the boat.

So I designed something you are free to adapt if you choose: a gasketed aluminum plate "Dutch door".


Perhaps more to think about, but a pair of these could make your companionways much more watertight, but in marginal weather, and combined with a spray hood, you could leave the top "flaps" open for much needed ventilation.

I launched yesterday. It was a thing of beauty.

The Incredible Hull said...

Thanks Rhys, Ive been following your excellent blog for a long time. Gerry