Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vacuum Bagging 2, success at least by my standards...

Top of hatch, which passed the 200lb Irishman jump test. 

Underneath.  The sides were well formed.

Slight build up or resin in the corner but not a major issue.

Good enough edge.


Robert Sutton said...

Looks great to me. Air pockets in the corners? A syringe with some thickened epoxy can fill that. No worries.

Robert Sutton said...

BTW, what weight of cloth did you use?

The Incredible Hull said...

The pockets are actually full of epoxy, comes from using too much in the wet out. All in all I'm very pleased. Thanks to YouTube for the education.

8.5 Oz 2x2 Modified Twill Weave, easier to get around corners.

Rhys said...

Nice job, particularly for a first crack (no pun intended) at it.

I will have to do something similar when it comes time to put a lid on my anchor well. I don't want the dissimilar metal of aluminum and steel is too heavy. Galvanically isolated hinges and a sturdy fibreglass gasketed lid are the way forward.