Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bye Bye Mr. ResQfix, glad I never had to use you..........

The batteries on my ACR PLB 300 have finally time expired.  A replacement battery will cost $200, a new floating PLB  (ResQLink+ Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon) will cost $269.99 and I get a free bag of goodies.  Plus its smaller and it floats.

Now for the rant;  If you do any type of boating which involves waters that might be outside shore based VHF range (you DO have a VHF?) AND you can afford $270 without putting your children in an orphanage AND you DO NOT have a PLB then you are an idiot.  Pure and simple.

Now, you can have all the arguments you like, "not relying on the govermint", not reliable (bollocks) etc.  I don't care if you refuse to use it in a deadly emergency, but your crew might like the option.  The "govermint" will still have to spend countless hours searching for your sorry ass body and putting their personnel at risk in so doing.  On a larger boat I prefer to see an EPIRB but baby steps will do.  You can also take your PLB with you to go exploring in the dinghy, travel on other peoples boats etc.

Remember to register it.  In a recent survey 40% of owners fail to do so.

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