Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Break everything on the boat.......

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Summer in Miami is like Groundhog day in reverse.  You open the hatch, see your shadow made by a scorching sun and scurry back and hide for another month.  Its too bloody hot here in Summer.

I did manage to fill my time with three deliveries;

1.  600 nm from the Keys to New Orleans on a Whitby 42.  5 day motor sail.  No wind except for the squall that ripped the main.

2.  1040 nm from Ft Lauderdale  to Newport R.I. on a Knysna 500 (South African Cat), verry nice.

3.  240 nm from Eleuthera to Stuart Fl. on an O'Day 30.  

Lesson learned?  Boats break.  In fact the the poor little O'Day broke the least.  Then again it didn't have an autopilot, no bimini, head didn't flush, had a hanked on genoa etc.  Not a lot to actually break.

On returning to TIH, while waiting for my sunburn to heal (never sail beyond Bimini without a bimini, duh) I spent the next few weeks breaking stuff on my own boat.  i.e. I took stuff apart and re-installed it.  First off, the engine electrical system.  When MacGyver installed my engine I had him replace the wiring harness.  The original one had lots of wires which had all faded to a vague beige color.  A nice lady at Perkins, England knitted me a knew one, at vast expense.   I knew I did not fully understand what every wire did, now I do.

My advice, FWIW, if you plan to cruise your boat, take stuff apart and re-install it, BEFORE IT BREAKS, and you are within reach of;

1.  A Marine expert.
2.  A fast internet with Mr. Google.
3.  Your local marine store.
4.  UPS/FedEx.

Replace consumable parts (belts, impellers etc.) with new ones AND, if the old one is still serviceable keep it, as at least you will know that it fits.  

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Rhys said...

Just got my new diesel going and all this looks very familiar!