Monday, January 12, 2009

Boating aesthetics

If left to my own devices TIH would certainly be heading along the lines of the vessel shown above (Note: I am not being critical of the boat, in fact I'm pretty impressed by the canvas work). My ideal boat would have all the hoses, wires, pumps etc. mounted in the living areas of the vessel and not in lockers, under deck boards, behind liners etc. This would make maintenance much easier. It would also make TIH a "boy boat" and pretty much guarantee that I would be cruising singlehanded.

Imagine my surprise, then, when the boss approved the mounting of the lavac pump on the interior bulkhead (that's a wall, for you landlubbers) of the forward heads.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Patrick C., a Whitby owner from Delaware sent me to your blog. I'm in the middle of a complete refit to a '38 Bruce Roberts Offshore, Steel Ketch.

My blog doesn't have too much on the boat, but here are pics of the exterior.

V/r Dave

Free N Clear said...

We love our Lavac's! Have never had a problem with them. We do have one in each head. The forward one having the pump located inside the aft most locker, screwed onto the bulkhead. (Open the door, remove the handle from its holder on the inside of the door and insert and pump away.) The aft head the pump is located behind the lower locker on the forward side with a hole cut through the wall for the handle.