Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Portlights....

The original portlights on TIH, although serviceable, were showing their age. The lip on the outside also protruded a little too much, IMHO.

They had been manufactured by a company which is now part of Pompanette LLC

Initially I had not planned to undertake this work for another year or so (remember this is a 3 year project, because I'm stuck in Miami for another three years :-(( ). However, after painting the ceiling of the forward heads' I knew it would be wise to change them now (it might have been even wiser to change them before I painted the heads).

And the Miami Boat Show is coming up, so there might be some deals to be had on new portlights. I am looking at the two portlights offered by New Found Metals;

A complete stainless steel model and this one;

It looks very interesting, more research to follow.

I have heard that the S/S model heats up in the sun and heats the airflow into the boat. Any opinion welcome.


rj said...

NFM makes good quality stuff and the price is reasonable. If you are replacing all portlights, ask them to cut you a deal on one big order. They have been known to do this. I think they can do custom sizes if needed.

The Incredible Hull said...

I plan to visit them at the Miami Boat Show.