Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chainplates contd.......

This is a picture of the chainplates on a well know quality production sailboat. The appear to be heavy duty and well constructed, The photo was taken before the liner and deck is bolted on. The question will be, in twenty years from now, how is the new owner going to replace them. Is this why God invented sawzalls'.

Now this is one of the main back stay chainplate on the W42. Nice design, it took me about 20 mins. to remove both (what can I say, I work slowly).

The removed chainplates looked to be in good condition however its worth noting the head of the righthand bolt.


rj said...

Hey Gerry,

On that middle picture there, how are the knees constructed? It looks like something (solid wood or plywood?) laminated with woven roving and glassed to the inside of the hull?

Is there any more structural support above the picture?

While the Westsail normally has outboard chainplates, I have been wondering about pulling them inboard if I could adequately anchor some knees in the interior.

The Incredible Hull said...


According to the original plans its 5/8 in precast frp laminate of alternate mat and wr bonded to the hull with 6 layers of 2oz mat each side. The bond is 10" wide each side. I would stay with the external chainplates, I love the look and no leaks.

Ron Sheridan said...

You should mention that the Original Manufacture's plates we are looking at in your photo are those of the Island Packet. I visited their factory for a free tour a few years back with my wife and was shocked to see the "Never Able to be Repaired or Replaced Chain Plates", they have glassed into the interior of their hulls. I did'nt know wether to laugh or cry, but I am so glad some of our boats can be easily repaired by owners like you and I!
ron sheridan