Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I don't post to the Whitby - Brewer Sailboat Association site..

I have been asked by a Whitby owner why I don't post to the a.m. site. Well the answer is long and convoluted but breaks down as follows;

From an earlier post, readers may be aware of a case of censorship I experienced when posting my opinions on the W42 rudder to their site ("circuit discipline" was the term used by the coordinator).

Later, one of their Topic Area Managers said she liked my blog and then linked it to their web site. The link was later removed and the coordinator informed me;

"You have the inalienable right to say whatever you wish...on your own web site and/or your own blog. That right does not extend to the WhitbyBrewer web site. On the WhitbyBrewer web site, you may say whatever you wish about the boat, but you will not cast dispersions (sic) on the founder of the organization, nor upon the volunteers who toil to make improvements in the organization. When you have removed such dispersions from your blog, I will ask Greg to reinstate the link to your web site."

I am a little confused as I have not "cast any aspersions" on anyone, in a post on the Whitby/Brewers web site.

In the new year email from the coordinator;

"In addition to registering, we solicit your articles, your photos, and your discussion on the discussion forum.... pick a subject and give it a GO! Of course, we welcome any suggestions, comments, etc.... but be polite.....we have thin skins."

I think the new format of the Owners site is outstanding but I fail to see how maintaining such tight editorial control on legitimate subject matter benefits any owners or potential owners or these excellent boats. All information good and bad should be published and let owners post counter opinions if necessary. The internet is a messy medium but no one can deny that it is the primary method of research in boat purchasing. I'm sure that the sellers of these vessels (and we or our heirs will all eventually be sellers) would appreciate a more inclusive forum.

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rj said...

Interesting. For some odd reason this seems to be an increasing pattern with boating sites.

One "cruising" site was recently started by a fellow who left in a tirade (justifiably) about censorship on

the irony is, the new forum started censoring members within the first couple weeks!

Information and opinions, whether good, bad or ugly, should be kept free. If you don't like it, get off the internet.