Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great sailboat delivery...

Just finished moving a Hunter 30 sailboat from Sarasota, Fl. to Miami, Fl. The initial plan was to sail via the keys but Hurricane/TS Ida put spanner in the works.

No problem, the Okeechobee waterway provided an alternative route. Mast height limitations on fixed bridges is 55 ft. The hunter 30 has a mast height of 50ft 6ins (+ all the expensive bits owners bolt on the top). All good.... except the Port Mayaca Railroad Bridge, vertical clearance is 49ft.

Time to call Billy Owens (tel:561 262 5200), the mast tipper. That's him and his buddy, along with 2,400 lbs of water ballast and a nervous owner (I was driving).

All in all a fun activity. Nice overnight sail from Stuart, Fl. to Miami. Job done.

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Ted Johnson said...

Looks like we'll have to call Billy to get our 47' mast under the 45' Shands Bridge on the St Johns River next week!