Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New keel fuel tanks arrived....

Well actually they have been finished for a week, while I was away.

The piece on top is one the coosa board pieces (generously supplied by Rob) on which the tanks will sit.

The next decision is "To paint or not to paint?"

This document makes interesting reading CLICK HERE.


Ocean Dove said...

Great looking Tanks
I vote No paint
Derek and Darlene

rj said...

Looks nice. Since they will be in the keel/bilge area, where it will always be damp, I vote PAINT.

Specifically, epoxy barrier coat (like the Interlux E2000 system).

Two coats after sanding with a DA with 120 grit, and a metal prep primer.

Since they are in the keel maybe a third coat on the bottom and up the sides a couple inches.