Thursday, December 24, 2009

New LED light test - Bebi Lights...

Just testing a new LED light from Bebi Electronics from Fiji.

Really nice people, including a couple of cruisers who happen to own a Downeaster 38. (We previously owned a DE38).

Fautasi 18 LED -
<0.100 amps (0.078 typical) (undimmed)

Looks very promising - more later.


HOLD FAST said...

I feel your pain we are refitting a W42 in Jacksonville,FL.

The Incredible Hull said...

Where are you located. Drop me an e-mail at whitby42 "at"


Jerr Dunlap said...

They look great! Would you be so kind, dear sir, as to share ordering information? I'd love to put them in my boat.
- Jerr

The Incredible Hull said...
Phone: 67 9 885 3031
Mobile: 67 9 997 2558

Skype: bebi-electronics

Randy said...

Hi Gerry,
Diane Gorch and I (Randy Robinson)just bought a 1979 W42 (Sinbad)last Nov. I found your blog thru the Whitby site. Great blog! I just started redoing the 1979 lighting on our boat. I bought a led reading light from to see if it would work out, loved it. It's alot brighter then expected so I order more.
Would you recommend the Bebi light for the gally?

Happy Sails....rr

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Randy

Drop me an e-mail at whitby42 "at" I am about to post my lighting conclusion.