Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drawers v. drop in storage

The picture shows the existing drawers on the port side of the saloon. The drawer dimensions are 14" x 13" x 4" = .42 cu ft. Without the drawer the dimensions of the space are 17" x 18" x 9" = 1.59 cu ft. That's a a lot of wasted space. I intend to remove the drawers (using the front as a blank) and access the space from the top.


capndeb said...

Yup, that's just we did. Although I did keep the drawer faces with a couple of 'z' type doohickies so that I can still lift the faces 'up and out' for easy access to stuff. And 'stuff' it is!
Happy Holidays!

Ocean Dove said...

I do not see the lack of storage as a problem on Ocean Dove, the Admiral likes the easy access of pulling out the draw oppose to moving cushions and lifting open a panel or lid. I will keep your ideal in mind if storage becomes a issue.
Merry Christmas

The Incredible Hull said...

OD, welcome back, I thought the polar bears had gotten you. I will "educate" you on boat storage in my next post. Happy Holidays to you and the Admiral, and to Capt Deb and the bionic sailor.