Friday, December 17, 2010

His and Her storage........

Picture the scene. Anchored in the Tobago Keys, late evening, you are down below laying on the Port settee (or "Horizontal II" as my wife calls it)., single malt in hand reading a good book. Admiral is banging about making jam or something. She needs to access the drawer under your settee, bookshelf over your head, etc.. Moment ruined!!!!!

On TIH we will have His and Her storage in the Saloon, at the very least. The Port side is mine and the Starboard side is hers. Keep in mind that I have a full Perkins M65 engine as a spare (minus the flywheel and block) I need all the space possible.

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Ocean Dove said...

His and Her storage?
The Admiral and I have two large “His and Her” dresser drawers in our master bedroom. My dresser is smaller than the Admirals. The other day while she was putting away some clothes. She became all excited when she found one of my drawers almost empty and another half full. "I just move some of your clothes so I can have a empty drawer for my clothes" she exclaimed. I throw myself in front in my drawer "NO it's Mine".

However I am a realist, I know that one day I will open that drawer on my dresser and it will be filled with clothes that are to small and frilly for me to wear.

Good luck with "His and Hers" storage