Monday, April 4, 2011

Mastervolt system...Kick A$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just a dump of photos taken during a Mastervolt dry run (read-couldn't wait to install the stuff properly). All I can say is WOW.

I will explain each photo as I get a chance and as I learn more;

The main input/output modules. DC Distribution 500 on left and Mastershunt 500 on right.

The main distribution modules Digital DC 10X10Amp (Three, one port forward, one at chart table, one port side engine room.)

I set up 4 sample loads;

1. Hella fan
2. Halogen cabin light
3. A reading light - with DR Led LED.
4. Alpenglow cabin light

You can name the loads and the names show up on the MasterView Easy touch screen. This is your main controller. The darker lines on the right/bottom of each switch box means that the circuit is on, top/left means that it is off. The PC is only for setup and programming.

Each circuit can be controlled in a number of sources, including;
1. Local switch (e.g. on this reading light).
2. By a Cole Hersee/Carling type rocker switch
3. By the MasterView.
4. By the software on the laptop.
5. By sending a cell phone SMS message to a Mastervolt GPRS Module installed on the network. I may pass on this option.


The green PCB is the Switch Input 4, this can take 4 rocker switches which can be set to control any circuit on any of the Digital DC 10X10Amp units. Lets say you decide to control the spreader lights from from your bunk in the aft cabin. Just install a Switch Input 4 (or Switch Input 3), connect it to the nearest Masterbus unit, set up the software and its done.

The MasterView Easy can display a selection of data. This is the "home page" which displays Amps in/out of the house battery and voltage.

This is the display with a charger in the system (not the MV Combi) just a temp one I use. Interestingly the charging amps show up as a minus.

Would you prefer it in red?

State of the Master Shunt with the charger off.

Software showing a blown fuze on the DC Distribution 500.

Same blown fuse shown on the MasterView Easy - nice.

All lights can be set up as dim-able by just keeping the switch pressed.

Now this switch controls the cabin light.

A few mouse clicks later it controls the reading light.


Ocean Dove said...

I have a Xantrex Link 1000 it controls my Freedom 2000 Inverter and monitors the Batteries voltage amps and amp hours. The amp shunt is on the neg side of the house batteries. if my solar panel is producing more amps then I am using, the The Link 1000 reads - amps and the total amps hours used starts goes down towards zero. this lets me monitor the amps hour used and charged.
The only battery not monitored by the amp shunt is the starting battery and it charged with Xantrex 15 amp Echo charger.
It not as flashy as your Mastervolts system but works for me.

The Incredible Hull said...

That was the same system on my last boat. A Link 1000 (I had a Link 10) is a must for any cruising sailboat. The big selling point for the Mastervolt, for me, was the ability to run large wires to three or four locations around the boat and then connect circuits/loads to the nearest Digital DC 10X10Amp unit. I think that we are likely to see more MV installed on newer production boats rather than "project" boats, this is more of a cost issue. Hope the snow is melting where you are.

Ocean Dove said...

I agree you will see more MV on new production boats,it may make sense on the TIH were you are totally rebuilt the hull from the inside out.
Snow what Snow.
Yes the snow is all gone.
We live in Vineland southern Ontario all around us are vineyards, wineries and fruit orchard, there are local strawberry, peach, grape and wine festivals all summer and into the fall.
It was + 20 C yesterday
Ocean Dove launch date is April 15.

robert s said...

Very cool. I recently learned that the MasterVolt system is based on the Moritz Aerospace Octoplex (google it) system, which is a version for mega yachts, which in turn originated from some work for military organizations (read: likely durable and high quality). This stuff could be a winner.

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Robert,

This from Mastervolt;

"Mastervolt system is NOT based on the Moritz system.

Moritz runs on a main and a back up bus system, it is NMEA2000 protocol and has a central brain to the system. Mastervolt's system is one CANbus not two, the
protocol is true CANbus with a proprietary overlay, there is no central brain to our system, no worry that if the central brain goes down your boat is down (it is also the reason that Octoplex has a double bus, which is more expensive). In Mastervolt's system, each module holds the
intelligence of the system providing redundancy and ensuring that if a module goes down the entire system does not. Those are just a few of the distinctions, as you can see Mastervolt's system is completely different than Octoplex."

Michele J. Goldsmith
Director of Sales

robert s said...

Well, then I was lied to! lol

The Incredible Hull said...

Someone told you lies / half truths / utter BS in the boating business ..... now you have really shocked me. Must be one of the few industries where the only cost of entry as a professional is the ability to walk down a dock or to pass a series of multiple guess exams and become a "Captain" (correctly referred to as an Operator Uninspected Passenger Vessel).

Unknown said...

Does anyone know how I can control a generator (which is equiped with a remote control device) to turn on or off depending on battery level. I've got two Mastervolt Combi 12v 2000w - 100a units and a 1200ah battery bank. What other units will I need to hook the genset up? Any feedback will be great. my contact
Thanks in advance

Steve Mitchell said...

Hi there,
Any follow up on how you're liking the MasterVolt system? I had a charger from them on my previous boat, but I am about to purchase a whole system for my new boat including almost all of the components you have, and more.

I'm particularly interested in how useful the shunt and display are in your system, as I can get a fantastic charger and do all of the other distribution and other things via other vendors for cheaper.

I really love the networked aspect of all of the components and am hoping that is the reason to push me towards such a large purchase.

The Incredible Hull said...


Sorry I missed your post. Drop me an email at whitby42 "at" and we can arrange to talk. I really like the system but it is not without issues, some of which were caused by me.