Monday, September 19, 2011

A tale of two anchors.....

TIH came with two 45lb CQR anchors.  One I traded and the second one has hung on the bow for the last three years.  These are not my favorite anchors but I know they do have their supporters.   My anchor of choice was to be the ROCNA with a possibility of the very similar MANSON as an alternative.  ROCNA has recently been in the wars due the use of a lower spec steel after it outsourced production to China, see;

I'm not convinced that the issue is major but ROCNA appears to have made little or no effort to address the situation. As a result I am happy to default to the 60lb MANSON.  The Supreme 60 is specked for 45' to 55' Boat Length but the company does recommend moving up a size if you plan to anchor in testing environments.  I will only be keeping one anchor on the bow so weight will not be an issue.   

My backup anchor will be the CQR 45 (or its replacement) stowed below decks, a Fortress FX-55 partially assembled in the V-Berth and a steel 35lb DANFORTH secured aft as a kedge anchor.

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Rhys said...

A good and prudent mix of anchors. I'm liking my Fortress FX-23 as a main anchor for my 33 foot sloop and as a "lunch/secondary/kedge/stern" for my 41 foot passagemaker.

I have similar "legacy" CQRs. I will bring one of them, stowed.

I am interested in Manson and in Sarca, an Australian convex plow. And, of course, all chain, with snubbers and bridles and sufficient scope. I feel that most anchors will do well when the totality of the ground tackle is considered.