Thursday, September 29, 2011

Working on OPBs' (Other peoples boats)...

So not much time for TIH.  I did manage to get the mast pulled.  Three years ago (time flies when you etc.) when I splashed TIH the mast was stepped with new rigging and new wiring in the usual  boatyard scramble.  I had always planned to have a second go at some of the 34yo fittings.

The first part is the very nice fiberglass mast step molded into the hull.  For any W42 owner who has not gotten up close and personal with these, this is what you will face.

Mast step which may or may not have an aluminum plate on the bottom.  Teak chocks to stop the base of the mast moving around.

Aluminum plate removed.

Chocks removed.  They may have been gooped in place at some stage but I'm not sure it was necessary.

Now the fun part.  The holes (arrowed) were the original limber (drain) holes which are;

a.  Too small
b.  Covered by the aluminum
c.  Then covered by the chocks.

This resulted in a nice stagnant pool of water covering the base of the mast.

I have now drilled 4 larger holes, enlarged the originals, I will notch the aluminum plate and ensure the chocks do not obstruct the drain holes.

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