Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bowsprits revisited...

Nothing is a salty as a 10ft bowsprit on a traditional sailing rig.....  except when you are trying to maneuver past someones $2m gin palace in a tight dock or paying $2.75 a foot dockage for a stick.

A number of things have changed since Ted designed the original bowsprit; two important ones are;

1.  New designs of anchors esp. the Rocna and Manson Supreme.  These are differentiated by their wider blade, roll bar and higher weight recommendations.  IMHO one 55lb Rocna or 60lb Manson Supreme is the way to go.  I would mount a Fortress FX-55 on the stern as a kedge or it could be lead forward as a backup bow anchor.

2.  The original bowsprit was deigned to support the fore-stay.  If you move the existing fore-stay this will require re-rigging and  may mean adjustments to your roller furling and genoa.  The new options available for removable roller furling gennakers may change this requirement.

So my thought process is involving towards;

1.  A short "stumpy" bowsprit which will allow me to used the existing bow roller and jam the Rocna in place.

On the front of that bowsprit will be a hinged "sprit" to fly the roller furling Gennaker.  This will be hinged out of the way/removed when not in use.  It will be help down by a removable high spec line bobstay.

The discussion continues.

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Ocean Dove said...

When someone asks me how big is Ocean Dove I always asks do you charge the foot.
If yes "40 feet honest"
If no " 50 feet including bowsprit and davits"