Monday, April 2, 2012

Lessons learned......

Smart advice for Capt. Ron

Two lessons from my recent trip;

1.  I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY hate in mast furling.  Sure its is great when it works, when your sail is new and everything is tuned properly.  BUT, eventually this will not be the case.  My advice, if you have in mast furling carry a sawed-off shotgun as the ultimate sail furling device.

2.  I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love Rocna / Manson Supreme anchors.  I don't even differentiate as they are very similar.  Carry one anchor, the recommended size (their recommendations are very conservative i.e. bigger that you would normally imagine).  I never understand why people have two small sized anchors on the bow.  Their thinking must be that in a blow they can put down a second.  Assuming that you do NOT want to drag at any time or that you don't like running around half naked in a rain squall at 3am, why not put down a big mother of an anchor in the first place and stay put.  Just MHO.  Having to get a boat hook to free 40lbs of sand/mud off the anchor fluke after weighing is a small price to pay and it somewhat reassuring. 


Ocean Dove said...

So what size are you going to put on TIH

The Incredible Hull said...

Rocna 25 (55lbs), even if I have to redesign the bowsprit around it.