Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Anchor Shackles.....

I'm not making any big statement on the quality of Chinese products.  That would be idiotic bearing in mind that the majority of products I use are made there or at least in the Far East.  When it comes to Anchor Shackles, HOWEVER, I tend to err on the side of USA made products.

This is the one you find in most WM stores.  A 7/16" will cost you $6.99 from WM. (photo is of a 3/8")   CLICK HERE

This one is also stocked by WM but in most stores you have to order it  from a distribution center. CLICK HERE.  It takes a couple of days and can be shipped free (3-7 days)  to your house.  A 7/16" will cost you $17.99 from WM.  I have found them for as low as $6.72 on the Interweb.

Maybe its just me, but anchor shackles are not a place I try and save money.

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