Thursday, April 9, 2015

Aft deck lockers......Finish (almost).....

I have been faffing about with the aft deck lockers for some time.

The original lid was molded into the deck and as there was no means of fully compressing the gasket it was prone to leaking.

The largest items that I would wish to stow in these lockers were Fiberglass LPG tanks and a Honda 2000 generator.  This meant that I could not restrict the original opening in any way.

Unfortunately, the only production hatch that I could locate, that fitted the opening, would not accommodate these two items;

Innovative Product Solutions M-1330-AW / 520-503 13 x 30 Arctic White Boat Deck Hatch
(Side Note:  The TRIDENT MARINE LPG Tank-Fiberglass, 11lb.  Model # 9977026 has a diameter of 12.1ins (+/-) not 12.5ins as stated on the WM web site.  It WILL fit in the original opening.  According to another Whitby owner (GC) the 17lb tank will fit in the locker is the handles are trimmed a little).

My solution which has now been fitted and bolted in temporarily, pending deck painting, is as follows;

1.  A 3/4in Non Skid starboard panel held down by PYI Floor anchors.  This has a compresses gasket between it and the deck. This can be quickly removed to install/remove the tanks or Honda generator.

2.  The deck hatches for normal access.

 The final deck paint color will be a closer match to the deck panels and hatches.  

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