Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cap Rail decisions........


Starting to think about the Cap Rail (Toe Rail, gunwale).  It will not be teak.  Two reasons,

a: expense,
b: maintenance.

I know it can be epoxied and painted but at some stage that will have to be redone. That also sort of defects the idea of using teak in the first place.

I've looked at Plasteak lumber and it is promising but then came across this;

Ameriteak Marine Toe Rails - Gunnels

So far it look very good.  I have installed a section and will play with it for  a while


Robert Sutton said...

I will have to check out this stuff. After two years, the plateak I tried has failed. Thermal expansion contraction has caused it to split in a number of areas.

The Incredible Hull said...


I don't like the new stuff, it weathers to a nasty grey. Thanks for the heads up on the plasteak, I was about to go that route.