Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sliding companionway hatch.....finally!

Aft sliding companionway hatch design finally completed and ready to be bolted down. The forward cross bar will obviously be removed. I know it's not to everyone's taste but it ties in with my no teak on deck concept. Existing forward hatch shown for comparison. That will also be replaced with a sliding Perspex hatch.


Robert Sutton said...

Cool. I will be working on similar this season.

What are you using for the slide bearing? Is the hatch sliding on the plexiglass?

Decided not to go with 80/20 linear slide bearing?

The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Robert

I thought you might be interested. I could not get the 80/20 to work. Im happy to send you a set if you want to play with them.

I use Slick Strips, 3/4" Width 1/32" Thick, to slide the plexiglass. It works a treat.

Will post video.