Friday, March 11, 2016

Alpenglow LED conversion...shamless theft of a good idea...

Thanks to John for the inspiration (I couldn't find a comment button on your blog to ask permission, so I will just beg forgiveness);

I had planned to do this for some time but it was on the nice to do list.  Then one of the ballasts began to give out.  I have a spare ballast but the installation was above my pay grade.

John's article is excellent so I won't repeat it here.  Suffice to say that I took the "non-soldering" route with components from  My solution was more expensive but any failed components can simply be popped out and replaced.  Unit cost of the LED upgrade is approx $30.  Labor, as usual, is about $0.01 per hour.  Power usage should be approx .3 amps on white and .25amps on red.

I really like the Alpenglow company and I have no doubt that their upgrade would be better quality, but hey, I'm a sailor.  I would certainly recommend their new LED fittings as an initial installation.

Original Alpenglow

Alpenglow converted to LED (3000k Warm white and red);

LED on left (only one power setting), original on right, low power.

LED on left (only one power setting), original on right, high power;

Red LED;

4" LED strips;




Jim H said...

I Like It A LOT! Do you have Part numbers available? 1000 Bulbs site is "Yuge!"
Any "long term results to share?
I have 7 Alpenglows to convert - Cheers Jim

Jim H said...

John - I found the bit and part numbers -- But don't understand "why the connectors?" They sell the fittings with the connectors (now). Were they not available before? - Jim