Saturday, April 30, 2016

Anchor rant.............................................

Anchors..... let the bun fight begin. Is there anyone out there with a CQR anchor still hanging off their bow roller? If so its time to put it in the same box as your plastic sextant, Radio Direction Finder and your Kapok lifejacket. If your boat drags and hits me, we can work things out, $hit happens. If, however, you were using a CQR or some other antique POS the conversation will be different.  I can even live with the Delta and Bruce, even though they are somewhat outdated.  There is a whole slew of new generation anchors out there that are so far ahead of their predecessors that it is ridiculous.  My favorites are the Rocna and Manson, and I have no objection to the other variants of the design.  My recent experience with the Spade anchor was outstanding.  It set fast and held solid, sort of what you need in an anchor. 

The owner had initially bought the aluminum version (shown above) in order to save weight (26lbs and opposed to 44lbs).  I bitched and moaned until he swapped it out for the galvanized steel version. I can see no reason to have the aluminum version unless its for some piece of Tupperware that never leaves the bay.  Also, their sizing chart tends towards light production boats, so I would move up a size or two.

My backup anchor is, as always, the biggest Fortress I can stow onboard.


Donald said...

No arguments about the primary anchor, but I have to disagree about the back up. I hate fortress anchors and find them worthless. On our last boat, it was always difficult to set, even in the Chesapeake Bay where pretty much anything will set. It wasn't until using it in the Bahamas with crystal clear visibility that I could see why. The thing is so light with huge flukes that it literally sailed on it's way down, pretty much doing a loop before landing in some completely awkward angle that would never set. I'd even rather have an old CQR as my backup.

TRUMP4EVA said...

Although it's a moot point (as in our upcoming socialist state we won't be allowed private property luxuries such as guns and boats- we'll be too busy paying for lazy leeches and their drug-related hospital fees) I feel that the Fortress is the world's best anchor. Spade anchors had a massive recall several years back. Something to do with the anchor falling apart during use. They also only give you a 6 month warranty. But what can you expect from a Frenchie. No spine. Fortress gives you a lifetime guarantee.